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Over the years my team, and Sofia & I have purchased quite a few properties through short sales, wholesaling, subject to, owner financing, creative lease options and assignments. In addition we created some amazing relationships in the process. Through REIProfessor you can learn from these experiences and use our Real Estate knowledge to get started or expand a RE Investing business.

 It’s been said that you are the sum total of the people that you hang out with. Although I no longer do real estate training events, there was a time during my 15 years teaching when I spent almost one entire year at a time on the road working, training and interacting with some of the greatest people you can imagine.

I stopped brushing shoulders in guru promotion circles for many personal reasons: Primarily, to spend greater qualify time on my personal Real Estate ventures and secondarily to be able to dedicate the time demand needed to work with people just like you on Joint Venture partnership deals.

Go here to access Free Videos and some great financial & evaluation worksheets that will guide you in determining if the deal is worth pursuing.

In addition, I will continue to provide marketing tips and strategies to help you locate properties. I think you will find his content to be up to the minute, and best of the best resources enabling you with FREE MARKETING WAYS to locate motivated sellers. We have tested and used these same response boosting strategies to generate seller calls house buying business.

I started Investing in Real Estate for three basic reasons:

To be able to work for myself
To be able to earn more money than I was earning as a Chef
To leverage and create cash flow from the investments that I made
For these same reasons I have created access for you to these free videos.
But more importantly, I know that you want to be able to achieve something on your own, and achieve the confidence that you can take care of yourself financially.

I know this is the reason you are here reading and looking to learn more. To get the tools, inspiration, and the confidence to reach your financial goals and enable yourself to have the freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it.  

We have met and trained thousands people just like Sofia and I who have had to overcome personal doubts, fears and anxieties when we got started. With the right knowledge that will all go away and you will wonder why you didn’t get started sooner!

After making a decision and committing in my heart, I invested IN MYSELF and purchased the first training to get started. I flipped my first deal: Sofia and I netted exactly $12,300- nearly one third of my entire salary for the year. Exactly $820 per working hour on that one deal!

It was not until later after I closed the first short sale that earned me $43,000. This was the exact amount of my yearly salary! Only as a chef, I had to trade very long days, nights, and weekends butchering fish, meats, making sauces and standing behind a wood fired grill. All under great stress to get the same result!

 I learned that having to make money working as a Chef took the fun and expression out of cooking. It was after making that FIRST CHECK on my own that I became aware that I did not have to stay at my job supporting the delusional world matrix the has been engineered for us. I realized I could support myself, I could do as I pleased at the time I wanted to do it.

 During our first 10 years of investing and teaching, Sofia and I created large creative think tanks comprised of hand chosen groups of my top students to teach and create many of the same short sale strategies that have shaped how short sales are negotiated today. We would test various HUD concessions then release them to our groups of hundreds of students as a creative way to test the lenders response to our short sale discounting strategy.

Over the years we established a short sale investing “status quo.”
At that time and for several years, I was giving away my personal automobile to my most achieved student. The student progressed through one of the four teams of about 36 students in a fun competition with each other individually, and as a collective Team. I set the contest up to see which Team could earn the most money in a given 90 day contest period.

Look at how powerful this is:

It was our  Lifestyle Transformation Contest that inspired the most achieved of the 4 groups comprised of only 36 students to earn  A WHOPPING $2,200,000 in SHORT SALE PROFITS  during a 90 Contest period!  Again, let me point out, it was not about me, it was about the training environment that I provided; the same purpose of REIProfessor.  Not to showcase my achievements, but to inspire you to greatness.
What is the best part about all of this? Behind each one of those participants is their family, and their personal situation.  Behind each student is a homeowner story, a person facing their foreclosure preparing to have to give their house back to a bank. Beyond that contest group, it has been estimated that in addition, to ALL OF THE STUDENTS that Sofia and I have taught Short Sale Strategies over the years these strategies have kept some 1.3 Million people in American from losing their homes.

Imagine for a moment…what if Sofia and I had not had the courage to step up to the plate and start learning how to invest in Real Estate?

It’s amazing the power of one decision creating a ripple effect positively affected more than 1.3 million people in our country. 

About My Vision for You…

To inspire you to make a decision and commitment to help yourself and others.
It may not help millions, but it will make a difference in your life and help just the right person by solving their personal house issue.

With countless people we have helped in foreclosure; and hundreds of amazing student stories to be proud of, we have been blessed beyond measure. Today I spend my part of my time working with Joint Venture partners and still have time working through my non-profit to follow my passion as an environmentalist and designer of energy and food sustainable conservation communities. These are not housing developments, but entire pedestrian based sustainable pre-industrial inspired villages.

My vision in all I do is to provide a physical environment for people to create a new set of realities. Whether in my Real Estate systems that incubate entrepreneurs, or the communities we launch. Both models provide social, economic and spiritual ascension; these are designed to elevate you to a higher world.
So would NOW be a good time to start investing in yourself and putting the capital behind your own personal “Why”? Now is certainly a great time, filled with rapid changes in frequencies of energy present on our planet, anything is possible for you.

 I challenge you to take the real estate journey. Not as a “to do”, not as a job, or a carrier seminar junkie but as someone that is searching for financial vehicle. Thus, enabling yourself to achieve whatever you want out of life.

Make a decision and get started with us this second…today by joining our REIProfessor Joint Venture Partner video tutorial series. http://roadtorealestateriches.com/success.html

REIProfessor JV Team
We believe in you and look forward to working with you. Most of all, we look forward to hearing from you.
Jeff Kaller
REIProfessor Director of Training

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